Koinonia Coffee Roasters Moganad Estate Arabica (Medium Roast) Espresso 250 gms

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Brand: Koinonia


  • Cupper's Notes: Dried Strawberries and Milk Chocolate
  • Single Origin. 100 % Indian Arabica Specialty Coffee
  • Packaged with one way degassing valve to preserve freshness.
  • Resealable zip lock pouch

Publisher: Koinonia Coffee Pvt. Ltd.

Details: Situated near the southern slopes of the Shevaroy Hills, Moganad estates is plush with indigenous fruit and spice trees underÊwhose shade coffee is scrupulously grown using eco-friendly farming techniques. The ripest, most ßavourful coffee fruits areÊprocessed using the cherry sun-dried method which further underscores this coffee's distinctive berry-like ßavour.