VERO | Seven Seeds | Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules | Intensity - 8 (10 Capsules)

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Coffee Capsules to go with your Infusio machines by Vero.

Brand: VERO


  • Premium Indian Coffee Capsules
  • Nespresso compatible coffee capsules
  • Absolutely fresh coffee, sealed in Nitrogen sealed packs
  • Make your very own latte or macchiato, at home
  • Intensity : 8

Publisher: Spresso Pod Manufacturing Pvt Ltd

Details: Seven Seeds is a classic blend, crafted from seven places in India known for their exquisite coffee-growing heritage. Only the choicest beans from regions as varied as Chikmagalur, Coorg, Anamalais, Shevaroys, Nagambica, Biligiris are selected to create this classic flavour. What it results in, is a symphony of full-bodied floral fragrances, while still retaining notes that are delicate, chocolatey and spicy. An all-time classic, this is an evergreen coffee blend that is enjoyed by all.